The importance of a
regular eye exam for adults

DeCoste Family Eyecare provides

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Eye Exams:

Your eye doctor will use various techniques to assess not only your vision but, more importantly, your eye health. After all, the biggest misconception we have about our eyes is that if they see well, they are healthy. Unfortunately, many eye diseases have no obvious signs or symptoms until advanced stages. This includes diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Typical testing at our office includes a detailed history of your health, medications, visual issues and your visual environment (ie. Computer use, crafts, etc). Physical exam includes vision tests for acuity and eye movements, turned or lazy eyes, side vision and strength of glasses or contact lenses needed. An internal and external eye examination will be done to screen for eye diseases or risk factors for eye diseases. This will also include a glaucoma pressure test in adults. Depending on the individual, additional tests may be needed and further follow-up may be scheduled.

It is based on these findings that our eye doctors will recommend how frequently you need to have your eyes examined.


Contact Lenses:

We always offer the best and most advanced lens modalities since both our doctors and some staff are contact lens wearers. We fit and service all types of lens wearers including advanced modalities such as multifocal contact lenses, lenses for astigmatism and continuous wear contact lenses. Dr. DeCoste also does rigid lens fittings including custom rigid lenses for those with corneal diseases such as keratoconus.


Laser Surgery:

Patients often want to know if they are good candidates for laser surgery. This is something we will often discuss during your eye exam. Not everybody is a good candidate and there are several different types of laser surgery available. The type of laser surgery you choose to have done and the surgeon performing your procedure can have a significant impact on the success of your outcome.

Our doctors can suggest a surgeon, a specific procedure and co-manage both your pre and post-operative care.

From time to time, our office will have in-house consultation nights that allow you to view an in-depth presentation by refractive surgery clinical staff and have your candidacy evaluated by our doctors. It is the perfect opportunity to have your questions and concerns answered by a qualified professional. Feel free to visit the TLC website at



Because we want to service all our patients, we carry a wide selection of frames to suit every budget. For the budget-conscience, we offer competitive 2 pair deals. We also offer a great mid-range selection and many designer name and high end frames and lenses. We carry over 700 pairs of frames and sunglasses in our dispensary ranging from the conservative to the adventurous.

Our optical staff uses digital instrumentation to get the most accurate measurements for fabricating your glasses. We have a modern in-office lab with advanced edging equipment which means your glasses look great without a long wait time. We also perform in-lab repairs to your glasses including soldering so you'll never have to be without your glasses.

We also provide prescription safety eye wear for work and play. Whether your needs are basic safety glasses, goggles or masks, we can make it. After all, in leisure activities, the majority of eye injuries occur in baseball, followed by basketball, water sports and racquet ball.


Specialized Testing:

We offer all our patients access to digital retinal photography which allows us to take a high resolution picture of the inside of your eyes. This allows us to document and monitor changes in your eyes from visit to visit.

We also do visual field testing in our office so you do not need to wait for a referral elsewhere. This equipment allows us to test for early glaucoma in those at risk, document changes in those that have had strokes or brain tumors as well as many other uses in testing the visual pathway as it travels through the brain.

Our office also offers corneal mapping/topography services to patients who have or at risk of corneal disease, rigid lens wearers and those with keratoconus or a family history of keratoconus.

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