Eye Exams

Your eye doctor will use various techniques to assess not only your vision but, more importantly, your eye health. After all, the biggest misconception we have about our eyes is that if they see well, they are healthy. Unfortunately, many eye diseases have no obvious signs or symptoms until advanced stages. This includes diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.


Typical testing at our office includes a detailed history of your health, medications, visual issues and your visual environment (ie. Computer use, crafts, etc). Physical exam includes vision tests for acuity and eye movements, turned or lazy eyes, side vision and strength of glasses or contact lenses needed. An internal and external eye examination will be done to screen for eye diseases or risk factors for eye diseases. This will also include a glaucoma pressure test in adults. Depending on the individual, additional tests may be needed and further follow-up may be scheduled.


It is based on these findings that our eye doctors will recommend how frequently you need to have your eyes examined.  Back

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