Dry eye clinic

Eyes Irritated?
If you have eyes that are often red, gritty,
burn or run water, ask about our Dry Eye Clinic.
It is a new approach to assessing and treating dry eye.


Many of the patients we see everyday suffer from some form of dry eye. In fact, it is the most common eye-related complaint of persons over the age of forty. With increasing use of computers, e-readers and smart phones, we are seeing a rapid increase in dry eye issues in the younger population as well. The Vision Council now notes computer related eyestrain as the number one form of repetitive strain related to the use of digital media, surpassing carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.


While milder forms of dry eye can often be managed with ocular lubricants and changes in ones lifestyle, more advanced forms of dry eye often require further intervention. This is particularly true for those with longterm dry eye or systemic conditions such as arthritis or for those on certain medications. As such, our clinic will run various dry eye clinics to better assess and treat these patients who require intervention beyond artificial tears using tests, techniques and devices not typically seen in a routine eye exam.

We also retail dry eye drops, ointments, lid cleansers and other products designed to treat dry eye at a more targeted level.

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